22 July 2008

"When are they coming...?"

Everybody wants to know. When will the Poor Clares get here? Soon, I keep saying... soon. And it will be, I promise.

Before they could move into our St. Joseph House some work needed to be done. The layout of the rooms needed changing around. The kitchen needed updating. Some of the flooring was showing its age. I don't know how many of you have started down the road of making a few improvements around the house. You know how one thing leads to another. What started out as "fixing a few things" has led to a complete gutting of most of the house, and redoing it from the wall studs out.

But it really is almost finished. It won't be next week, but most likely the week after, and the nuns will finally be here. They're even more eager than we are, if that's possible. So pray for them, certainly. But more importantly, pray for the workmen over at the house. May St. Joseph the Worker protect them and guide them and help them finish things really fast!