30 July 2008

Born anew in the waters of baptism...

About an hour ago I got a call from the father of one of our young students here at the school. He didn't know who else to call -- his little niece, an infant, is having serious surgery tomorrow morning. She hadn't yet been baptized. The baby's parents had gone to their parish priest (who will remain nameless) when they learned of the impending surgery and asked him if they could have their little daughter baptized immediately, instead of waiting for all of the classes their parish requires. They understood the emergency nature of their request, but apparently the priest didn't. His answer to them? "We don't do that sort of thing. I can give her a blessing if you want."

I had them bring the baby straight to the church, and I baptized her. I didn't do anything extraordinary. Sadly, it was their own priest who did.