10 July 2008

The gathering of the clans...

People are beginning to arrive for the 2008 Anglican Use Conference, being held here this year as part of our twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations. We have more than two hundred registered for the conference, and it'll be a great time, getting to see old friends and meeting new ones. There will be a number of individuals coming who want to know more about the Pastoral Provision, and we'll be praying they'll see their future here, with us, in communion with Peter.

We're looking forward to hearing Dr. Jeffrey Steenson, former Episcopal bishop, tell about his own journey into the fullness of the Catholic faith. And we'll be hanging on every word from Archbishop John Myers, our Ecclesicastical Delegate.

There'll be plenty of food and drink, along with convivial company. When it's over I'm sure the verdict will be, "A good time was had by all."