30 July 2008

Maybe her miter is too tight...

This is how low the Lambeth discussions have sunk. Now a “lady bishop” is accusing some of her brother bishops of beating their wives. Needless to say, the bishops being accused (they know who they are) are outraged. She has no evidence, no reason to make such statements. Would you be surprised to know that those to whom she is referring tend to be the more conservative and traditional Anglican bishops? No agenda there, I’m sure.

The Rt Rev Catherine Roskam, Suffragan Bishop of New York, said domestic violence is deemed acceptable in some parts of the world and that "even the most devout Christians" are guilty of it.

She said some of the 670 Anglican bishops gathered in Canterbury for the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference probably beat their wives, and added that it is difficult to discuss it with them because they do not believe it is wrong.

Her comments have been condemned as outrageous and untrue, and a further example of the condescending attitude of western Anglicans to those in developing countries.

In the article in the Lambeth Witness, a newsletter produced daily during the meeting by the gay campaign group Inclusive Church Network, Bishop Roskam said: "We have 700 men here.

"Do you think any of them beat their wives? Chances are they do. The most devout Christians beat their wives.

"Culturally, many of our bishops come from places where it is culturally accepted to beat your wife. In that regard, it makes the conversation quite difficult."
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