24 July 2008

Best quote of the day...

The mid-1960's through the early 1970's were my high school and college years. I managed to survive... and yes, I even learned quite a bit. One of the things I learned was how much I hated the pervasive "encounter groups" and "buzz groups" in which we were forced to participate. Did our teachers actually think we were going to gain knowledge and wisdom by sitting around and sharing our ignorance?

I couldn't help but think of that when I read what was being inflicted on the Anglican bishops gathered at Lambeth. Some refugee from the sixties thought it would be a good idea to have "indaba groups," which, according to the organizers, is a Zulu word. I guess this was supposed to impress the bishops from Africa, but it doesn't seem to have done that. Several of them have commented that the Lambeth indaba isn't anything like a real indaba.

Whatever. The point of the Lambeth process is to make people sit around and talk, talk, talk, without ever coming to a conclusion.

I thought this quote from one of the bishops, speaking about the indaba groups, was the best summary: "If they're so great, how come Africa is in such a mess?"