07 July 2008

Bitter medicine...

So the Church of England has voted to have female bishops. Was there ever any doubt? And while I'm sad to think of the agony this is causing many good, catholic-minded Anglicans, I say it's just the medicine they need. The idea of the "catholicity" of Anglicanism has been critically ill for a long time, and although I'm certainly not in favor of euthanasia, there comes a time when death must be allowed.

I remember my own feeling of utter abandonment and depression when the same vote was achieved in this country. It was as though a black pall was settling down over me. But it made me look more deeply for the truth. It helped me to realize the Anglicanism is not "the Church." Rather, I came to know with assurance that the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ upon that Rock which is Peter. And with that assurance it all become quite clear. Sad as it was to leave, I realized that my real Mother -- Holy Mother Church -- had been waiting for me all along.

So I pray for those in the Church of England who are feeling an abandonment tonight. And I pray also that they will quickly come to realize that God has not left them comfortless, but that He has a place ready and waiting for them.