17 July 2007

South Texas summer

Usually at this time of the year south Texas is a vast expanse of what looks like a landscape tortured with a blowtorch. July has never been known as one of our more lush months. But with the excess of rain we have had throughout these past weeks we have green grass, beautifully leafed-out trees, and the wildflowers are still blooming. This picture was taken at the crest of the hill just to the west of the church and school. For those of you who live in less arid climates it may not be remarkable. For us, though, the scenery is definitely out of the ordinary. The wild miniature sunflowers have popped up all over. The flowerbeds around the church are loaded with beautiful blossoms. It’s about the prettiest summer I’ve seen in my twenty-five years in Texas.

By the way, the hill from which this picture was taken is the location for our next building expansion. I wrote to the archbishop yesterday requesting his permission to begin fundraising for the project, and we really need to get going. When we completed our last building project nearly two years ago, we had already outgrown it. We’ve got students in every corner of the building. This is the year we add our twelfth grade, which completes our plan of having a pre-Kindergarten through High School institution. A student who enrolls at the age of four is able to complete fourteen years of education here. We have waiting lists in some grades, and the families keep coming, looking for the solidly Catholic education which we’ve pledged to provide. So we need to continue building. It’s a nice problem to have.