30 June 2016

The essential work of education

As you can see, good progress is being made on the expansion project. With the steel girders being put in place, the three stories of the building become more evident, as does the sheer size of the facility. We are building not only for our immediate needs, but just as importantly for the future growth of The Atonement Academy.

Never has there been a greater need for a classical Catholic education for our children, and our school is an acknowledged and award-winning institution which provides exactly that. We do our best to keep tuition at a reasonable level, and even with that, we provide nearly one-half million dollars in financial aid each year so that no child needs to forego a Catholic education. It requires dedication and sacrifice on the part of all of us, but with the evident disintegration of the moral fabric of society, and with our nation moving further away from its Christian roots, there is no greater investment we can make than to form our children in solid, godly, no-nonsense intellectual and spiritual truth.

Our students today will make the difference in the years to come, which is why – whether or not we personally have children in school – we should all make an investment in Catholic education. The aid we provide and the facility we are building need your support. Consider making a gift to The Atonement Academy as a way of building up Christ’s Kingdom.