30 June 2009

Feast for ears and eyes...

From the first time I ever sat at the console of the small Moeller pipe organ in the little Methodist church of my boyhood, I've had a great love for this "king of instruments." In fact, when I began my undergraduate degree, my major was in organ performance. After a few years I realized that my vocation was leading me in other directions, but music has remained important, and even now I try to find time to sneak off to the organ loft and spend some time on the Casavant.

The churches of Rome have some wonderful organs, not always in the best repair, but many of them have magnificent casework which becomes part of the overall architecture. Here are a few examples which I find particularly beautiful.

Our Lady of Victory, Rome.

St. John Lateran, Rome.

St. Mary Magdalene, Rome.

San Andrea della Valle, Rome.

Chiesa Nuova, Rome.

St. Peter in Chains, Rome.