16 January 2011

On pilgrimage...

I'll be in the Holy Land from January 17th until January 27th.  Deacon Orr and I are leading a pilgrimage to the holy places, as we have done a number of times in the past.  I never tire of visiting the Holy Land, praying where our Lord prayed and walking where the apostles walked with Him.  I'll be offering Mass (according to the Anglican Use, of course!) in most of the important shrines and churches -- Annunciation, Holy Nativity, Mount of the Beatitudes, Transfiguration, Gethsemane, Holy Sepulchre, and several other places.  We'll be visiting the Latin Patriarch since we have members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre who will be receiving their Pilgrim Shell from him.

Please pray for our safe travel.  Many of you have asked for prayers, and your intentions will travel with me in my heart.