10 March 2009

Interesting articles...

In no particular order, here are some things that might interest you...

The Charity Revolt (Wall Street Journal)

Among those shocked by President Obama's 2010 budget, the most surprising are the true-blue liberals who run most of America's nonprofits, universities and charities. How dare he limit tax deductions for charitable giving! They're afraid they'll get fewer donations, but they should be more concerned that Mr. Obama's policies will shove them aside in favor of the New Charity State. (Read it all)

Power, Politics, and Freedom of Religion (The American Spectator)

The history of the Catholic Church in the state of Connecticut has never been pretty. Until 1818, the Congregational Church was the official religion, and the few Catholics who lived in the state were obliged to pay taxes toward its support. They were also forbidden to own land and under the auspices of Know-Nothing Party Governor William T. Minor, the Church suffered greatly. Yet faithful Catholics and other freedom-loving citizens of Connecticut saw to it that those wrongs were eventually righted. (Read it all)

Failing the Stem-Cell Test (National Review)

For a decade now, the question of federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research has made for a heated political debate. Scientists believe the research may hold the promise of advancing medical research, but it also involves the destruction of living human embryos, and therefore raises the explosive question of the protection and regard we owe to human beings in their earliest stages. (Read it all)