19 April 2009

Honored by the Catholic Education Foundation...

I want to mention an excellent organization: the Catholic Education Foundation. Its purpose is to support Catholic education on the high school level, providing student scholarships and programs assisting with the formation of teachers. Many of our finest educators are associated with the Foundation, and it includes several bishops on its advisory board.

This past Friday evening I was honored by being inducted into the Foundation's "Hall of Fame," which recognizes those who are considered to be outstanding individuals in the field of Catholic education. Don't ask me how I ended up in the company of such luminaries as Fr. Joseph Fessio, Mother Assumpta Long, Dr. Ralph McInerny, Fr. James V. Schall S.J., and others of that same stature.

I'll take this opportunity to commend the Catholic Education Foundation as an organization worthy of financial support. If God so moves you, click here to make a donation, and tell 'em I urged you to do it.