07 June 2007

Making things clear...

The Holy Father has been giving a series of talks at his Wednesday audiences, spotlighting various Church Fathers. His talk this week was on St. Cyprian, the first bishop in Africa to be martyred.

Pope Benedict XVI had some interesting observations, including this:

"The Church was his favorite subject," the Holy Father said. He went on to state that in his writings St. Cyprian "strongly affirms that the Church is one, founded on Peter. He never tires of repeating that 'he who abandons the Chair of Peter, upon which the Church is founded, lives in the illusion that he still belongs to the Church.'”

The Holy Father concluded, "Unity is an irrevocable characteristic of the Church, symbolized by Christ's seamless garment: a unity that, as he [St. Cyprian] says, finds its foundation in Peter and its perfect fulfillment in the Eucharist."

I doubt that Rowan of Canterbury or Katherine of 815 are lifting their glasses of Chardonnay in a toast to Benedict of Rome.