28 June 2007

I know it's not Niagara Falls...

When we built the large expansion to the parish facilities we needed to cut into the solid limestone to level out the building site. This left a dramatic stone cliff across the driveway in front of the church and school. When it rains the water pours off the higher ground and causes some pretty impressive waterfalls in place of the usual dry south Texas landscape.

We’re experiencing some amazing rainfall here, and it looks like it will be stretching out over the next few days. Because of the network of creek beds in the area, it can make driving on the roads quite dangerous. High, swift water crisscrosses even our neighborhood streets, and the safest thing to do is to stay inside.

I’m happy for the excuse. I just splurged on the complete set of recordings of every piece of music ever written by Johann Sebastian Bach, and what a deal! One hundred and fifty-five CD’s for $99.00 from Amazon! So I’m able to work in my nice dry office, the thundering sound of heavy rain beating on the roof, with the incredibly beautiful sound of Bach’s music filling the air.

So in the words of the old song from the 1920’s – “Let it rain! Let it pour!”