16 February 2010

Farewell to the Alleluia...

Everything is prepared to bury the Alleluia today, not to be heard again until the Easter Vigil.

Alleluia dulce carmen,
Vox perennis gaudii,
Alleluia laus suavis
Est choris coelestibus,
Quam canunt Dei manentes
In domo per saecula.

Alleluia, song of sweetness,
voice of joy that cannot die;
alleluia is the anthem
ever dear to choirs on high:
in the house of God abiding
thus they sing eternally.

UPDATE:  At the conclusion of Mass the Alleluia was taken in procession to the Lady Chapel, where our Blessed Mother will "keep watch" until the Easter Vigil.  I noticed that one of the teachers included one of our discipline cards in the box, which says that it's to be applied to "Any student who says Alleluia during Lent...!"