28 November 2007

When in doubt, blame the Catholics...

According to this article Tony Blair was ready to announce his formal conversion to Catholicism during his recent visit to the Holy See, but was dissuaded from doing so by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. I guess His Eminence had his reasons, and I won’t go into my opinion of his advice to the former Prime Minister. But what interested me most were some of the comments in response to the article, when it referred to the Emancipation Act of 1829: “Clauses in the Act state that no Catholic adviser to the monarch can hold civil or military office. Also, it would have caused a potential conflict with his role in choosing Church of England bishops.”

Apparently some people blame Blair’s “Catholic leaning” for the appointment of Rowan Williams as the Archbishop of Canterbury. From what I glean in the comments, the thought is that the crypto-Catholic Tony Blair sought out the worst possible selection and nominated him, just to wreak havoc in the Anglican Communion. I guess that would make him kind of a ecclesiastical Guy Fawkes.