06 September 2018

Peace which passes understanding...

One of the things distinguishing mankind from the rest of creation is his desire to understand things beyond himself. No doubt it is because he is created in God’s image, who is the Lord of all knowledge and wisdom.

We do know a great deal about the world around us, and we are able to grasp the transcendent truths which should guide our lives. We can see the smallest part of creation through a microscope, and we can view the farthest horizons through a telescope. We can capture and categorize immense amounts of knowledge -- but there is one thing that eludes any scientific or philosophical system: namely, finding that peace which comes from God. And when dark things happen, which threaten to remove all sense of peace, remember the foundation on which we rest: our Lord Jesus Christ and His love.

St. Paul wrote to the Philippians that “the peace of God, which passes all understanding” is the thing which will keep our hearts and minds in Christ. It’s humbling, that the only thing which really matters is the one thing that we will never completely understand.