30 August 2012

A brief glimpse back...

 I've already posted some of the pictures on my Facebook page, but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these old photos, which go back to the beginning days of the parish.

Procession into the Cathedral of San Fernando
15 August 1983
for the Mass of Ordination.

Being examined by the Archbishop before priestly ordination.

The Litany of the Saints.
JoAnn (holding Sarah), my father and mother, my grandmother.
In the pew behind my family are some of the
Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus,
and I served as their Chaplain for several years.

The Laying on of Hands.
Bishop Popp, Archbishop Flores, Fr. Peter Scagnelli.
The Priest's First Blessing.

Our family at the time.
JoAnn (expecting Catherine), me, Sarah, Christian, Nathan.

A few years later, during the construction of the church,
our family is "carrying the cross" which would be put atop the spire.
This is in what is now the courtyard, and we are standing
approximately where the fountain is now located.