03 June 2008

Back home, and it all begins...

I had a terrific time at St. Joseph's School in Greenville, SC. I was there on Friday and Saturday for their seniors' graduation, and I was privileged to speak at the commencement. It was a delight also to spend some time with Fr. and Mrs. Longenecker and their family. I thoroughly enjoyed my few days there.

Now we're getting ready for our own seniors' graduation. Today was the last Mass of the school year, and our senior boys served at the Mass. The Middle School choir knocked our socks off with the music, and we also had several visiting priests with us for the occasion.

Here's a picture of today's Mass at the time of the consecration:

After Mass the boys gathered for a photograph in the courtyard, along with our visiting priests: Fr. Peter Stravinskas, Fr. John Connors and Fr. Glen Mullan.

The Mass and banquet for the seniors will be on Thursday, and we're excited that our newly-consecrated Auxiliary Bishop will be with us that evening. Then on Friday evening, we'll have the commencement. I'll post pictures as things happen.