05 July 2009

(Soon to be) Blessed John Henry Newman

Thanks be to God, the way is clear for the beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman, one of the most famous of converts from Anglicanism to the fullness of the Catholic faith. He was received into the Church on 9 October 1845, bringing with him his deep faith, his brilliant mind, and the unwavering sense that he had, indeed, come home.

The miracle needed for his beatification involved the healing of a permanent deacon in Massachusetts who suffered from a completely debilitating spine disease. After seeking the intercession of Cardinal Newman, the healing was virually instantaneous and complete. A second miracle will be needed for canonization.

The date and place of the beatification isn't known at this time, but it will be soon. And how wonderful it is to have a man of recognized sanctity praying for us (as he always has been), and there's every hope that we'll see the fruit of many more conversions through his intercession.