08 July 2009

Kinda neat...

We're blessed here in San Antonio to have a terrific Catholic radio station. Guadalupe Radio 89.7 FM has been broadcasting for the past few years and I've been happy to help them with fundraising by taking part in their "radiothon," which is a spirited hour-by-hour contest to see how much can be pledged. It's lots of fun, and I'm always delighted to help support this important apostolate.

As part of the Year for Priests, Guadalupe Radio is featuring a weekly "My Favorite Priest" on their website, and I'm honored to appear there. Let me take this opportunity to urge you to support local Catholic radio, whether here in San Antonio, or in those many other cities which have a Catholic radio station. The people who work behind the scenes in these stations have a wonderful apostolate, as they help bring Catholic teaching and inspiration to huge numbers of people. It's a real work of evangelism, not only in strengthening the faith of believers, but also in bringing the fullness of truth to those who are searching for a deeper relationship with God.

So thank you, Guadalupe Radio, for the honor -- and keep up the fantastic work!