22 December 2008

At the other end of the building...

Recently I had the opportunity to move from my usual place in the sanctuary, back to the organ loft. Our students presented their magnificent Christmas concert of sacred music, and to save Mr. Murray from having to run back and forth from the front, he asked if I would be willing to play the organ for the congregational singing of the Christmas carols.

It really was great fun, and I enjoyed being "back on the bench" for a little while. As a young college student, I had begun my degree in music, majoring in organ performance and minoring in voice. After a year, I came to realize that my vocation was leading me to eventual ordination and so changed my concentration to Biblical studies and philosophy. But I never lost my love for music, and although I don't have the time anymore for any serious practice, I do enjoy catching a few moments now and then to sit at the organ and attempt to re-live my youth!

Although this picture doesn't show the big smile on my face, I had a great time "pulling out all the stops," so to speak.