23 January 2007

"Serve the Lord with gladness..."

This past Friday evening we celebrated a Mass for all the men and boys who serve at the altar at Our Lady of the Atonement. It was a beautiful event with an impressive procession which had servers still entering at the back while those who led in were already in the sanctuary. Afterwards we had a banquet to honor them all, from the longest-serving to the newest. Pictured above are the forty-eight who were able to be present. There are another nineteen servers who, because of work or other responsibilities, could not be with us that evening. At the present time, we have a total of sixty-seven men and boys who are faithful in this special service for God and His Church.

As I look at them, how thankful I am for this very special group. And I cannot help but pray as I look at this picture that somewhere among those younger faces is my eventual successor!