15 January 2007

My conversion story

Everybody likes a good story. And it’s even better if it’s true. As Catholics we’re always interested in conversion stories, hearing why someone was attracted to the fullness of faith, finding out what brought a person home.

A number of people have asked me about my own conversion. I have mentioned bits and pieces of the story as I have been writing for AtonementOnline. The people in my parish know the story probably as well I do. But I really am, one of these days, going to sit down and put it all in written form.

Until then, however, there is an audio recording of the August, 2002 interview on Marcus Grodi’s program, “Coming Home.” I have put a link to that recording on this site so those who are interested can listen to it. You’ll need RealPlayer to make it work. I recently listened to it again, just to make sure I hadn’t embarrassed myself. Actually, it presents my story pretty accurately, and some of you might enjoy listening. You’ll find it under “Links to interesting places…”