04 February 2016

Great are the works of the Lord

It was such a privilege to be present for the consecration of Bishop Steven Lopes, and during the magnificent Mass I could not help but cast my mind back more than three decades to the many conversations I had with my treasured friend and fellow priest Fr. James Moore (a founder of the Walsingham parish) as our congregations were worshipping in borrowed convent chapels, store-front spaces, any place where we could find a temporary home. We wondered if any of this was going to bear fruit. We would plan together, pray together, work together. Every single step was a step in faith, never knowing if it would be for nought, or if God was using us to plant a seed which really might grow.

Thinking of all that and more, I could not stop tears of joy and thankfulness as Bishop Lopes went among the people gathered for his episcopal ordination, giving his blessing to all.

All those decades ago we never could have imagined that we would live long enough to see this. How good God is, and how great are His works!