07 May 2010

It's a bumpy road...

Truly, I give thanks to God that my conscience moved me to become Catholic nearly thirty years ago.  I'm praying for those who are making the move now, and especially we should pray for these Anglican bishops in the following news story from the Church Times:

Bishop walks fine line
as traditionalists test parishes’ mood
over Ordinariate

THREE Church of England bishops went to Rome last week to meet Vatican officials. One of them, the Bishop of Richborough, the Rt Revd Keith Newton, is said to have been asking Anglican priests to join him in an Ordinariate in the RC Church.

The Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Revd John Broadhurst, and two Provincial Episcopal Visitors, the Bishop of Richborough, the Rt Revd Keith Newton, and the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, the Rt Revd Andrew Burnham, met members of the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome last week.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the Bishops had told senior Vatican officals that they were “keen to defect to Rome”. Bishop Newton said on Tuesday that the visit had been a “fact-finding” mission to “ex­plore issues”, and that it had been “over-hyped” in the press.

He offered “No comment” when he was asked whether Dr Williams had warned him that he would have to resign if he sought to “actively recruit”. On Wednesday, Lambeth Palace had not responded to a request to confirm or deny whether this warning had been given.

The Bishop said that he had been “going around talking to people and asking them to let me know” their attitudes to the Ordinariate. He would not say how many had ex­pressed an interest “until after Synod”, which meets in July...  Read the whole article.