02 October 2017

Given as God's love...

“The Wounded Angel” by Hugo Simberg

Who can possibly begin to understand the evil that descended upon Las Vegas? But perhaps a small sign of God's loving presence there is the fact that the cathedral in that city is dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angel. Notice it's not plural - it's dedication is to your guardian angel, and to mine, and to everyone's, individually.

Where were the guardian angels of those who were brutally murdered? You can be sure each one was there, fighting. Fighting for the soul of each person, perhaps bringing about conversion in the last moment, and undoubtedly bringing comfort at the instant of death, for those who would receive it.

Guardian angels are not lucky charms. They are given to us as God's love. They do battle for us and with us. They are dedicated to the job of doing everything possible to bring us to God. .