11 May 2017

Sounds of the Spring Concert

Here's one of the lovely pieces sung by the Honors Choir at the Spring Concert at The Atonement Academy

Ballade To The Moon by Daniel Elder

On moonlit night I wander free,
my mind to roam on thoughts of thee.
With midnight darkness beckoning
my heart toward mystic fantasy:

Come, dream in me!

How beautiful, this night in June!
And here, upon the velvet dune,
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

The path lies dark before my sight,
and yet my feet with pure delight
trod onward through the darkened vale,
beneath the starry sky so bright.

O share thy light!

These woods, their weary wanderer soon
in awe and fearful wonder swoon;
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

And as the darkened hours flee,
my heart beats ever rapidly.
Though heavy hangs my eyes with sleep,
my singing soul, it cries to thee:

Come sing with me!

The twinkling sky casts forth its tune:
O must I leave thy charms so soon?
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

If there is no image, go to this link: https://youtu.be/AySIHPT7ptE