12 September 2011

To forgive and forget...

“Forgive and forget” goes the old saying, and surely three of the most precious and welcome words that could be heard when they’re needed are “I forgive you.”  Forgiveness is an essential part of the exercise of our Christian faith, and so is forgetting – as long as it is the wrong that is forgotten, and not the person.

There’s an aspect of human nature that pushes pain away, and so it becomes a temptation to set aside those whom we even think have caused us pain.  To do that is not to forgive, rather, it’s merely an attempt at forgetting.  Far more grace-filled is the loving embrace, knowing that just as all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so all (even ourselves) are in need of forgiveness.  It should be the goal of each follower of Christ to be as quick in forgiving others as He is in forgiving us.