09 April 2011

Pray for the Ordinariate

As we wait for the erection of the U. S. Ordinariate, this is a request for your prayers on Thursday, April 14th. The general intentions for this Day of Prayer are:

1) The Holy Father

2) Anglican Clergy and postulants for encouragement and strengthening of their faith, particularly when faced with uncertainty about what their future roles in the Church may be.

3) The laity for their encouragement and increase of faith.

An Ordinariate has been erected for England and Wales; however, we are waiting (with varying degrees of patience) for the establishment of Ordinariates in the United States, Canada and Australia. Also, there are Anglicans in many parts of the world who desire this, but who have not yet had a formal notification from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the process is beginning for them.

All this should included in our prayers — and this really needs to be a world-wide effort. If you can give a specific hour of prayer, please send a notice to Sean Reed at 6@societyofstmichael.org, telling him during what hour you will be praying. And get the word out! Tweet this, or Facebook it. Send this link out to your email list. Do whatever you can to get as many people as possible praying about this on April 14th.