20 July 2010

Mentioning God...

William Blake, The Ancient of Days (God as an Architect), 1794.

As is so frequently in the news, here's another case of a sensitive soul being offended by the mere mention of God:

by Todd Starnes

The fate of a high school banner deemed “unconstitutional” by the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union may be in the hands of local school officials.

The banner, according to the Providence Journal, invoked “Our Heavenly Father” to help students at Cranston High School West conduct themselves appropriately.

Well, that drew the ire of an unnamed parent who filed a complaint with the ACLU.

Steven Brown, the executive director of the state ACLU, penned a letter to the school superintendent, calling the banner illegal and requested that it be removed from Cranston High School West and any other school that might have a prayer posted on public property.

“I understand that this prayer may have been posted in the auditorium for a long time,” Brown wrote. “However, the crucial protections of the Bill of Rights have been around even longer.”

He said the unnamed parent was “extremely concerned and troubled upon observing the display of a prayer on the wall of the auditorium.”

Brown asked the local school committee to be sensitive to the “divisiveness of government-sponsored displays promoting religion.”

The school committee is set to discuss the fate of the banner on Tuesday – behind closed doors.

I really don't see what the problem is.  They've got plenty of diversity going on here -- after all, God is being mentioned on only one banner on one wall.  There are lots and lots of walls where He's not mentioned at all.  Seems perfectly fair to me.  After all, religious folks could have asked for equal billing...