21 December 2009

A pretty spot...

I've mentioned the outdoor shrine before, but it's especially pretty now, surrounded by the pyracantha bushes showing their berries.  This is a view from the back of the shrine:

The shrine marks the spot on which the first Mass was offered on the land which was to become the site of our church and school.  In fact, the original wooden altar is now inside the stone altar which is shown here:

The roses are out of season now, of course, but it makes for a quiet and beautiful place for meditation.  I so often recall the first time I made my way through the dense woods and underbrush and came upon a clearing, where I found a small crucifix.  To this day, I don't know why it was put there, or by whom, but I saved it and it is now mounted in the retable of this altar, just below the Calvary scene, as a remembrance of the blessings that have flowed from that first Mass and all the parish Masses since.