14 December 2009

New friends, old family...

Our meeting this past Saturday provided an opportunity for new friendships to be forged.  In fact, with several Anglican clergy there, it was as though we were able to reestablish contact with our extended family.  And this is important.  As members of various Anglican groups move closer to being part of the future Ordinariate, we'll be living in the same house.  For a whole generation it's just been the parishes and communities of the Pastoral Provision who've been holding up the flag within the Catholic Church, and it was easy to think we were on our own.  But the steady progress of other groups, like the Traditional Anglican Communion, is bearing fruit. 

I'm excited that we'll be moving in together, to take up residence in this wonderful new structure being given to us by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to make new friends, and to rediscover spiritual brothers, and I'm looking forward to strengthening family ties.