31 December 2009

"Groups of Anglicans" Forum

There's a new forum called "Groups of Anglicans," and it's for Anglicans (formerly or presently) - or anybody else, really - with an interest in Anglicanorum coetibus.  It's hosted by The Anglo-Catholic, a blog moderated by Christian Campbell.  Mr. Campbell is a member of the Diocese of the Eastern United States, part of the Anglican Church in America.  They're affiliated with the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC). 

You can click here to get to the forum.  Membership is small now, but I encourage you to register and take part in the discussion.  It's a good way to get to know others outside the Anglican Use parishes.  When Anglicanorum coetibus is implemented our family is going to grow, and many of those whom you'll meet in this forum will be in the Ordinariate with us.

Of course, as with any forum, there will be people posting who "don't get it," or who have some strange ideas.  Don't be put off.  It's an opportunity to talk about our own experience of maintaining an Anglican identity within the Catholic Church, which is an experience many others haven't yet had.