12 November 2009

It's all the talk...

The Apostolic Constitution certainly is widely known!  As we've been celebrating our Anglican Use liturgy in various churches and chapels - in Rome, Assisi, Florence, Siena - and as our students have been making a wonderful impression on those who see them, we're asked where we're from.  When I say, 'Have you heard of the new Apostolic Constitution for former Anglicans...?' the response is always, 'Oh yes!  So you're part of that?'

It's pretty exciting to be here in Rome at the very time it's announced, and to be able to be an example of what it's going to look like.

Today's our last day.  We'll be celebrating Mass in the Basilica of St. Mary Major, and the students have been preparing some music... probably the Viadana setting of the Mass.  It'll be a beautiful conclusion to what has been an inspiring pilgrimage.

I might have time to post one more time before we leave tomorrow morning.  And I have to say, it'll be nice to be back in San Antonio.