21 October 2009

Thoughts about the future...

As I think more about the Apostolic Constitution, and talk with others about it, the irony of the whole thing just struck me: Pope Benedict XVI is working to preserve the worthy elements of Anglican worship and devotion, while the majority of the Anglican hierarchy is doing everything possible to destroy it!

The canonical permanence of the Personal Ordinariates means that within a generation or so, when there are no real Anglicans left to convert, the best of Anglicanism will still be growing in the Catholic Church.  Although our parish has a number of Anglicans in the process of becoming Catholics, our greatest growth is coming from our own families.  Have you noticed the tremendous number of children we have?  Our growth has become an organic growth, rather than just depending on the occasional inquirer coming through the doors.  This healthy and organic growth is the real future of what the Holy Father is establishing with the Apostolic Constitution.  He's giving a place for the patrimony we love so much to flourish.  Ironic, but true.