29 October 2009

Nurturing an ethos...

Read Br. Stephen's entry on his excellent blog, Sub Tuum.  I love his description of Evensong at All Saints, Margaret Street, but more especially I am moved by his very helpful thoughts about the patrimony Anglicans can bring to the Ordinariates.  A brief quote:
These decisions are not so much about the loss of bricks and mortar or a diminishment of smells and bells as they are about the fear of losing an ethos. It is not about singing "For He hath regarded the lowliness of his handmaiden" instead of "For he has shown me such favor--me, his lowly handmaiden" as it is about knowing how many people around you are smiling and the sense of tranquility you are sharing together at that moment. It is not the arrangement of notes and words in Vaughn Williams' "For All the Saints" so much as it is the lack of self-consciousness with which the congregation lets its hearts and minds soar along. Yes, sometimes people get blown off course as they soar, but that reaching up in joy seems to be a particular Anglican gift. This is what is at the heart of the "distinctive Anglican spiritual and liturgical patrimony" mentioned in the CDF note on the apostolic constitution. And it is the fear of trying to sing the Lord's song in a land that is at the same time strange and home that gives many pause.
Do yourself a favor, and read the whole thing.