21 September 2009

Brightest and best...

We have some pretty amazing students here at the Academy. Our Upper School graduates are already making their mark in the world of higher education, and the students who are now preparing to enter our Upper School show tremendous promise - in academics, certainly - but most importantly, in their character and moral sense.

This past week we awarded twenty-six scholarships amounting to more than $80,000 to several members of the eighth grade class. These are students who plan to complete their high school education in our Upper School because they value the Catholic and classical program we offer. No longer are our students easily lured away by the promises of "more fun" in other institutions. In their growing maturity they have come to realize that high educational standards and being serious about the Faith don't exclude having a good time. It's gratifying to see young people with the right priorities.

Photo above: This year's eighth grade class.
Photo below: Joseph Pecha, student with the highest academic achievement.