26 April 2009

Don't panic!

I'm immensely grateful to have a terrific group of administrators who assist in operating the Academy. They had to get in gear quickly today to calm many concerned parents as the media continues its hype over swine flu. There's no doubt it's a threat, and we're very close to the Mexican border where many cases have been reported. There's no need for panic, but there's a great need for common sense. The following e-mail was sent today to our school families:

Dear fellow academy parents:
The academy's administrative team is following news reports and Centers for Disease Control advisories, and is assessing the implications for our school of the well-publicized swine flu outbreak. We are grateful to the parents who have contacted us to express concern and to provide advice. Based on the information available to us at 2:30 pm on Sunday, here is how we will proceed:

1. Families are urged to read and follow the CDC recommendations.

2. Sick students are urged to stay home, and the school will heighten its vigilance in calling parents to pick up any children who exhibit flu-like symptoms.

3. Parents who wish to do so may send their children to school with personal bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

4. Teachers will remind students to wash hands frequently throughout the day.

5. Paper towels will be restocked in school restrooms at more frequent intervals, and paper waste will be removed from school restrooms at more frequent intervals.

6. Parents should instruct their children not to share food or personal objects.

7. Parents should instruct their children to avoid kissing and to avoid hand contact with their own or with others' eyes, noses or mouths.

We will keep our families advised by email of any updates in our school's response.

Ralph Johnston
Academy Administrator