09 March 2008

Our Lady beneath the Cross

As Passiontide draws near, this is the time for us to prepare to stand even closer to the Blessed Mother. Queen of Heaven though she is, the commemoration of her Son's suffering and death surely must still pierce her Immaculate Heart in a mystical way as she remembers with all of us the great price of our salvation. She consoles us thoughout the year, but now, especially, our devotion should console her. Christ gave us to be her children at the same time as He spoke to Saint John from the cross, "Behold, thy Mother." So let us be true sons and daughters. Walk with Mary as she follows her Son's Via Dolorosa. Stand with her as she keeps her watch at the foot of the cross. Weep with her as she received Christ's lifeless body into her waiting arms. Comfort her as she endures the three days of darkness -- so that having endured with her, we may rejoice with her in the power and mystery of the Lord's resurrection.