21 September 2007

"This is not a hate crime."

This statue of Our Lady has stood outside the Cathedral in Dallas for decades. For the second time since it has been there, it has been pried from its base and smashed. The police have been quick to say that it’s not a hate crime. They don't know who did it, or why -- but they claim to know that it's definitely not a hate crime.

When I think of other acts which are immediately defined as such, I’m not sure why this is dismissed quite so quickly. Someone had to go to the effort of chipping away at the concrete base, dislodging metal rebar, tipping a heavy statue over, and then whacking away at it until it broke. Obviously this took some work, and isn’t the result of teenage exuberance. Another smaller statue of an angel was next to it, and it remained unscathed. This was vandalism specifically directed against an image of the Blessed Mother. It was premeditated, since the vandals had to come prepared with tools.

Not a hate crime? I guess because there wasn’t a copy of the Koran involved.