13 May 2007

Happy news!

We have a young family coming to our parish, and their move here could prove to be a very important development for the parish.

Jeffrey W. Moore, his wife Ellen, and their three young children are moving here from the Fort Worth area. Jeff had been an Episcopal clergyman, serving as an assistant at the Episcopal cathedral in Fort Worth until a year ago this past Easter, when he and his family became Catholics. He has been in conversations with Bishop Vann, the Catholic bishop of Forth Worth, about the possibility of entering the Pastoral Provision process with the hope of eventual ordination as a Catholic priest.

Our own Archbishop Gomez learned of Jeff and his family, and spoke with Bishop Vann about bringing him to San Antonio. The archbishop expressed his interest in eventually having another priest to assist me in the work here at Our Lady of the Atonement, and Jeff seemed to be the ideal candidate for this.

After meeting with Jeff, I agreed that his background, along with his gifts and his vocation to priestly ministry, could be a great addition to the parish. Therefore, he will be entering the process which (God willing) will lead to Catholic ordination sometime within the next few years. Meanwhile, I have offered (and Jeff has accepted) a teaching position at the academy, and he will be moving here with his family sometime during June.

We look forward to getting to know the Moore family, and it will be our privilege to accompany them on the journey towards Jeff’s eventual ordination. It will be a singular blessing to have another priest on staff when that happens – especially a priest whose spiritual journey and experiences come out of the tradition and spirituality upon which this parish was founded.