04 May 2007

"Bring flow'rs of the rarest..."

Today we had the annual May Crowning right after the school Mass. Actually, we always crown both the Blessed Mother as well as the Infant in her arms, because it’s the statue of Our Lady of the Atonement which is the focus of the day. She’s holding her Son, and it wouldn’t seem right to honor the Mother and ignore the Child. So they both get crowns of flowers, and I’m certain the Queen of Heaven is delighted with that.

Because the number of students is so large, we had class representatives process with the flowers. In the early years of the school each student was able to bring a flower to the Lady Altar and place it there. But what can be done easily with a hundred students is impossible with five hundred. So each grade, from Pre-Kindergarten through High School, chose two students to bring the flowers to lay at the feet of Our Lady. For those of you who were raised as Catholics, I’m sure you have wonderful memories of May crownings. Today was one of those days when I wished I had a “Catholic School experience” as a child. That’s one of the reasons I’m determined that our school will always have things like May crownings and novenas and all the other devotions which form the woof and warp of what should be a normal Catholic life, all undergirded with the daily Mass.

So here’s a picture of the Lady Chapel all decked out with “flow’rs of the rarest,” brought by the hands of her loving children.