06 March 2007

Under the weather...

In addition to the joys which go along with having a parish school, there’s also the down-side. You tend to catch every wayward sniffle and sneeze the children bring with them. And that’s my sad condition now, which is why I haven’t posted anything for a few days and it will probably be another day or two before my mind kicks into gear. Right now my aches and pains and clogged head allow me to think of little else but myself.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, however. Even though I feel as though I can scarcely put one foot in front of the other, my mind clears a little and my energy somewhat returns when it’s time to celebrate the Mass. This morning, when I dragged myself out of bed, I wondered how I’d get through the morning. But before I knew it, I’d said both Masses, and even had a little bit of energy left to do a couple of other things. Now, however, I’m going to pack it in, go home for a cup of Earl Grey, and watch some old episodes of “All Creatures Great and Small” which I have on DVD. It takes me back to my childhood on the farm, and that always makes me feel better.