10 March 2007

This is a must-read

If you don’t read anything else today, read this.

The Most Reverend Robert Finn, Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, has issued an excellent pastoral letter, Blessed Are The Pure In Heart. It speaks of the dignity of the human person, the danger presented to all of us by pornography, and how we can combat it. It’s not news that we’re assaulted daily by pornographic images and words on the television, in movies, through the internet. It’s scarcely possible to move about in the world without encountering depictions of gross and demeaning immorality.

Enough is enough. Like the garbage it is, it’s got to be thrown out. And Bishop Finn gives some very good guidance in doing just that. Please, read his pastoral letter. Send the link to others. Make copies of it and pass them out. Pornography is destructive to individuals, to families, and to society in general. As with a dirty floor, the scrubbing needs to begin someplace. God bless the bishop for getting the disinfectant and scrub-brushes out.