17 March 2007

Jerusalem the golden...

The distant chant we hear is Lætare. We set our face towards Jerusalem. “Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be ye glad for her, all ye that delight in her…” says the Introit. The remembrance of Jerusalem is a reminder of all that God has done. He has made this city holy with His presence from ancient days. It was in Jerusalem that the Temple was constructed. It was in Jerusalem that Christ opened the treasures of the Kingdom of God. It was in Jerusalem that our Lord was condemned and killed, and it was in Jerusalem that death was conquered for us all when Jesus Christ walked triumphantly from the tomb.

Jerusalem. It is the symbol also of our destination. It looks to the heavenly Jerusalem where God is enthroned, surrounded by angels and saints, and where a place has been prepared for each one of us.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is an earthly city torn apart by sinful man, but it is a heavenly destination sanctified by the Perfect God.