28 February 2007

Hopeful signs

After the “clown-priest” post I thought something more encouraging would be in order. During Lent we celebrate an all-school Solemn Evensong every Wednesday at the end of the academic day. I’ve already mentioned how beautifully the students sing Evensong.

When we finished today and everyone was heading back to the classrooms to gather up homework and backpacks to go home, I was approached by some of our Upper School boys who told me they “had an idea.” I braced myself because Upper School students’ ideas are not always exactly what I might have in mind. “When we have Evensong,” they said, “could we have Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, too? Everybody really likes Benediction.”

I have to admit, my eyes moistened a little. Something is very right with these kids. I guess if there are some vocations to the priesthood to come out of this place, these young men won’t be dressing up like clowns.