22 February 2007

Christ's soldiers

In addition to celebrating the wonderful feast of the Chair of St. Peter today, this was the day on which the members of the Junior class of our Upper School received their class rings. We chose this day especially to remind them of the Catholic foundation of this institution and the rings have been designed to be a statement of that fact.

The most prominent part of the design is the Pelican within the shield. This is our parish symbol, speaking to us of the “Pie Pellicane,” the Tender Pelican who is Jesus Christ our Lord. On one side of the ring is the year of graduation, an important date in the lives of our students. On the other side is the Jerusalem cross, another one of our parish symbols, calling to mind that we are crusaders, soldiers of Christ, enrolled in His service through Baptism and Confirmation.

They received their rings during the Mass, and it was inspiring to witness how seriously they understood their responsibilities as young Catholics. I know that in some schools the class ring is no big deal. It’s just another piece of jewelry to be worn temporarily and many schools no longer have a standard ring, but encourage students to design their own.

We decided to make our school ring an unchanging and important symbol, an assistance to our graduating students to remember the importance of witnessing to their Catholic faith now and throughout their lives.