24 March 2016

Not my favourite thing...

The most difficult thing for me within the Sacred Triduum? Without a doubt, emptying the tabernacle. I know it has to be done, but I don't like it.

I have removed the Blessed Sacrament from the Sacred Heart Chapel so that the Altar of Repose can be prepared to receive Him tonight. This morning after Benediction, the Blessed Sacrament was removed from the High Altar tabernacle. I'll go to the Poor Clare nuns' St. Joseph Chapel this afternoon and I almost feel cruel doing it.

My favourite thing in the Easter Vigil Mass? The moment of consecration, when our Lord returns to us in His Eucharistic glory. It's then that everything seems to be back to normal. And it's always a heart-warming moment for me when, after the Vigil Mass, I carry the pyx to the Poor Clare monastery. The nuns wait in the Chapel, with one of them greeting me at the door, candle in hand, as eager as a wife waiting for the return of her husband after a long trip.

When it's all back to normal, it's really quite wonderful.