08 October 2015

Relics of Cardinal Newman

I know of only two first-class relics of Blessed John Henry Newman, both of them located at the Birmingham Oratory. One of them is a lock of his hair, taken at the time of his death, and the other is a cloth which has a small stain of his blood. In fact, when an attempt was made to move his remains to the Birmingham Oratory, upon opening his grave it was found that there was nothing left of his body. The coffin had not been lead-lined, and the cemetery was in very damp land.

Our parish is blessed to have two second-class relics of Cardinal Newman. One of them is a small piece of a cope which belonged to him, and the other is a letter, hand-written by him. Of course, as inspiring as it is to have these physical links with him, the important thing is that we all have access to his prayers.

Blessed John Henry Newman, pray for us.